Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment

The management of Clinical risks such as suicide and violence risk in patients with mental illness requires the collaboration and coordination of the entire multidisciplinary treating team.

Providing a standard of care for such inpatients requires additional steps and considerations in the treatment process. In the field of mental illness, the term “risk management” has become synonymous with the management of clinical risk that patients with mental illness pose to themselves and to the professionals who care for them. In mental health there is an increasing emphasis on accountability and hospitals must do everything possible to protect both mentally ill patients, their treating team and to a lesser extent the public.

PsychSentinel is an easy-to-use web based tool that assists with the appropriate assessment, treatment, supervision and clinical management of at risk patients. It uses evidence-based risk assessments to develop a Clinical risk management plan where risks can be tracked over time. It provides easy-to use tools for an effective, carefully-planned and monitored treatment plan from the initial assessment of the patient through the aftercare that follows discharge from a hospital. It is clinician-friendly, intuitive and requires no installation.

Such a tool is of vital importance in a fragmented system where patients are cared for by rotating teams of clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals. By using our application, all care providers with the proper authorization now share the same set of patient risk assessment and care plan.

Our affordable, intelligent clinical software uses advanced decision support techniques and is especially designed for Australian healthcare standards and regulations.

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