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Clinical software for psychiatric services

Our ready-to-use clinical software for psychiatric services helps clear the clutter, increase efficiency and help mental health professionals deliver the highest level of care.

Designed by health care professionals with many years of experience, our products are user-friendly with a nominal learning curve. The user interface is simple and familiar to anyone who has ever used a web browser. Within an hour or so you will be able to click and save time and most important, provide patients with better care.

Our core products are:

1. PsychPlan-the best psychiatric care planning tool you'll ever find. Learn More...

2. PsychSentinel-the ultimate system for keeping patients safe and
    managing suicide, self harm, violence and other clinical risks.
Learn More...

3. Managing suicide, self harm, violence and other clinical risks.

4. PsychAssess- the first truly useful application of outcome measures in mental health. Learn More...

Call us now to arrange a free demo of products and show you how it can make a genuine contribution to better clinical care.