About Clinical Excellence Technologies

Clinical Excellence Technologies is Australia’s specialist supplier of innovative clinical mental health software. The company’s affordable web solutions transform the way patient care is managed and shared among Australian mental health professionals.

Our suite of intuitive, powerful, yet easy-to-use applications boosts efficiency while improving the quality of patient care.

Our development team includes professionals in mental health, nursing management and business processes. Completing the team are programming specialists who create robust, rock-solid, enterprise-grade web applications.

Our software is designed for the needs of the clinical end users – after all, they are the ones who determine the success of a new software implementation.

But we believe that the business and administrative needs of your service are just as important. In our experience – and this is backed by surveys – few clinical software applications are truly effective at meeting both these dual, and sometime conflicting needs.

Although we focus on custom development, there are common core processes in mental health which are addressed by our highly configurable core products.


Clinicians can create a customized, comprehensive patient care plan consistent with clinical best practice in as little as two minutes and a few mouse clicks.


PsychSentinel is a clinical risk management plan that can keep patients safer by assessing, managing and tracking risks such as suicide, self harm and violence.


Web-based collection, analysis and reporting of Patient Reported Outcome Measures made simple and accessible.

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