PsychPlanBest Practice mental health care plans in 2 minutes

PsychPlan, our application for case management for mental healthcare patients, is clinician-friendly, intuitive and requires no installation. It empowers mental health professionals in hospitals, clinics and in private practice to generate comprehensive care plans and assessments with just a few clicks of the mouse. Field testing has demonstrated that PsychPlan can cut down the time it takes to create a care plan by as much as 97%.

In a complex system patients are treated by a diverse team of nurses, doctors and other allied health professionals in a continuum of care that can span both time and location. This makes a coordinated patient care plan vitally important.

In a perfect world, clinicians would have unlimited time to create a complete plan. Unfortunately, understaffed professionals are often under time constraint which can lead to mistakes with potentially devastating human and financial costs.

Clinical Excellence Technologies has created affordable, intelligent clinical software that uses advanced decision support techniques especially designed for healthcare in Australia. It allows mental health professionals to generate comprehensive patient care plans and assessments consistent with clinical best practice within minutes. Field testing shows that care plans that normally take up to 60 minutes to create, can be generated with our software in as little as two minutes, savings dozens of hours in unnecessary labor costs.

By using our tool, all care providers with the proper authorization now share the same set of patient information. In addition, our software is designed to involve and empower patients, an aspect receiving greater emphasis in national guidelines and accreditation standards. Since mental healthcare is by nature a human capital intensive industry with chronic labor shortages, efficiency gains translate to superior clinical outcomes and a better bottom line.

Please call 1300884248 to arrange a free demo of PsychPlan to see how our technology can make a genuine contribution to better clinical care and a better bottom line.

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