PsychAssessEasier Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Patient Reported Outcome Measures' are collected at start and end of treatment in all Australian psychiatric hospitals and services. They demonstrate the change that takes place from the time the patient enters the hospital through to discharge, for example, how the patient’s mood or symptoms may have improved.

They are used to demonstrate to health funds the hospital’s performance, and as a benchmark against other institutions. Up until now there has been limited clinical value from these Patient Reported Outcome Measures because by the time the data was scored and analyzed the patient was often already discharged.

PsychAssess makes both results and analysis of the results available immediately so the information can actually be used to help plan the best possible care. It also makes the process of producing administrative and statistical reports for government funding much easier. PsychAssess allows for collection, analysis and reporting of assessment data from both clinician and patient. The data can then be formatted and exported in a variety of formats.

Non-expert computer users can use the software almost immediately with close to zero training. It can be used on the latest touch screen devices such as iPads. Our development process is agile and responsive and we can release fixes, improvements, and new features within weeks, or customize the application to your specifications.

Please call 1300884248 to arrange a free demo of PsychPlan to see how our technology can make a genuine contribution to better clinical care and a better bottom line.

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