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Superior Patient Care - Simplified

We are Australia’s number one resource for clinical mental-health software that offers efficiency while enhancing quality of care and excellent patient outcomes. We create web solutions for critical clinical needs transforming the way patient care is managed and shared among mental health professionals.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use applications were developed by clinicians for clinicians.

Our case management application cuts down the time it takes to create a comprehensive patient care plan from about an hour to a few minutes. And it’s so easy to use that your staff will be up and running with less than an hour of training.

The bottom line is that clinicians can spend more time with patients and hospitals can save many hours in wasteful labor costs.

Our core products are:

1. PsychPlan- Clinicians can create a customized, comprehensive patient care plan consistent with clinical best practice in as little as two minutes and a few mouse clicks..

2. PsychSentinel- is a clinical risk management plan that can keep patients safer by assessing, managing and tracking risks such as suicide, self harm and violence.

3. PsychAssess- Web-based collection, analysis and reporting of Patient Reported Outcome Measures made simple and accessible.

We can customise our software tools to fit your specific needs. We can also develop bespoke healthcare applications from scratch. Our web-based technology makes it possible to release fixes, improvements, and new features within weeks.

Please call to arrange a free demo of our core products at your hospital or clinic to see how our technology can make a genuine contribution to better clinical care and a better bottom line.

Care Planning

Create a comprehensive, best practice Care Plan quickly and efficiently.

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Clinical Risk Management

Our clinical risk management web tool helps to effectively assess and manage risks, such as violence and suicide ...........
in high-risk, mentally-ill patients.

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Care Coordination

This is Australia’s most accessible, usable & clinically useful web application of Patient Reported Outcome Measures that gives patient ...........
outcome results and analysis instantly, with added benefit to administrative and statistical process.

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Our web based clinical software:

  • Offers a genuine, low-cost alternative to paper-based practices.
  • Enables clinicians to create a best practice patient care plan.
  • Offers advanced decision support techniques designed for the mental health field in Australia.
  • Saves precious time and helps deliver the highest level of care.
  • Improves communication among authorized care providers.
  • Non-expert computer users can use the software immediately.
  • Our development process is agile-- we release upgrades rapidly.
  • Our platform is designed to involve and empower patients.
  • Can be used on iPads and other touch screen devices.
  • We offer training, 24/7 support and a full package of complementary services.